This originally started as a poster design for an illustration class, but it soon turned into something much more meaningful to me. One of my favorite bands, the Liverpool duo Her’s, was killed in a car wreck along with their manager several weeks before the semester started. They were on their way to their first ever show in America. I had never done a tribute poster before, but I wanted to make this one special. “What Once Was,” is my favorite Her’s song, and after hearing the news of their death, it turned into something even more bittersweet. For the design of the illustration, I wanted to draw both band members floating among the clouds. I pulled the color palette straight from their album, “Songs of Her’s.” I wanted to experiment with a style I hadn’t used before. For a while, I felt like I was simply making monoline illustrations, so I decided I wanted to make something without any lines at all. I shaded the illustration entirely with gradients, which, although it was challenging at first, taught me a great deal about creating contours.