After I graduated and started my job hunt, I picked up quite a few freelance and contract gigs. One of these was for the clothing company HEATDEATH.
The company was originally created by Brady Szuhaj, an up-and-coming Youtuber and TikToker. In one of his Youtube videos, he announced that he was looking for a graphic designer to help design some of their merch. When I heard this, I immediately jumped on the project. I’ve always loved expressing myself creatively through my clothing, and I knew that if I ever had an opportunity to have my designs on clothing, I would leap at it. I wanted to make sure I presented Brady and his team with several different options to showcase my range of skills. The HEATDEATH brand is inspired by science, space and spirituality. As Brady put it, “think black holes, lone astronauts, death of a star or star system.” These are the options I presented in my lookbook — one more focused on space, the other on the occult.