Newspaper Designs

Over my five years of college, I was heavily involved in the student newspaper. I loved being a part of an organization that had a strong voice on campus. It made me feel like I was making difference. In that time, I worked every job that was available on staff, from advertising to the editorial side — I did it all. By far my favorite part of working for the paper was designing layouts, creating infographics and making illustrations. Through the student newspaper, I found my passion for design, and from there I was able to secure internships/contract jobs with local and non-local papers. I got my first internship at a newspaper in Chautauqua, New York, where I worked with a team of designers to put out the daily paper. Going from a bi-weekly newspaper to a daily newspaper was a huge jump, but it taught me how design in fast-paced environment and work on a very strict daily schedule. 



To the left, are a few layouts I did while working at The Sunflower, The Chautauquan Daily, and The Derby Informer, where I did post-grad contract work. While I have newspapers to thank for introducing me to my love of design, I want to use that experience to springboard me into other facets of design like UX/UI and motion design. But newspaper taught me a great deal about typography, hierarchy and overall composition.