Merch Design

Recently, I was commissioned to do a screen printing design for a collaboration of two local stores, Dead Center Vintage, a vintage clothing store, and Spektrum Muzik, a vinyl store. When gathering inspiration, I noticed that both shops used a lot of bright, fun colors in their designs. Spektrum Muzik had a particularly psychedelic design that I wanted to make sure I captured this when coming up with my designs. While I was very inspired by old 60s and 70s designs, I wanted to give it a more modern twist while also implementing my own style similar to what I first did on my freelance project for HEATDEATH clothing co.


Initial sketch

I wanted to include both Dead Center’s hand chair and the bathtub they use in a “bargain bath” in their store. While I initially thought this was a good idea, I decided to scrap it because it may be confusing. Bottom images courtesy of Dead Center Vintage