In March of 2020, only a few months before I would graduate college, America as we knew it changed with the rapid spread of COVID-19. With this, came with the eventual closing of my college and all of my classes moving to online only. Not only did my college close, but many businesses and organizations closed their doors. I found myself about to graduate with no potential job prospects. This was when the editor of The Chautauquan Daily, reached out and asked if I could be their designer for the summer and help with their website. I ended up mostly having to run the website more than I got to design illustrations or graphics, however one of the most exciting projects I got to make was a new t-shirt design for The Daily. Chautauqua is known for it’s bats, it also happens to be the mascot of the Daily, which was why I decided to incorporate it in my design.  Since it was a remote job, most of my meetings done for it were entirely through ZOOM, which was why I also chose a laptop with the ZOOM icon screens. For the front of the shirt, I thought it would be a nice little detail to add one of the bats peaking out of the pocket.