A design solution to help “bridge” the age gap in the work place

As the final project for my senior capstone class, we were each assigned an “unsolvable problem” to conquer. I was assigned the task of coming up with a design solution to help bridge the age gap in the workplace. I knew the first thing I had to do was come up with a solution that would be easily accessible and usable to both audiences. My solution to this problem was to come up with a company that workplaces could outsource for hosting team-building exercises that help both young and old coworkers better understand each other, resulting in improved workplace efficiency. In this case study, let me walk you through my process and execution for solving this “unsolvable problem.”


The Identity

When coming up with the identity for this project, I thought the word “bridge” would be a fitting name because it described the mission of what I hope to achieve with this solution. When designing the logo, I knew I wanted to play off of the letter “B” but also implement a bridge into the logo if I could. The logo can either be used on its side in its “B” form or in its “bridge” form. For the color scheme, I wanted to use calming, refreshing colors that would help show the fresh start mentality the company represented.


The Interactive Posters

I aimed to challenge myself and make something that people could not only look at but interact with. I wanted to illustrate how difficult it can be to navigate an age gap in the workplace. I found the best way to represent this was through a maze. With every poster, the viewer is able to enter the maze from two opposite sides, (as indicated by the arrows). No matter how hard the viewer tries, they aren’t able to reach a middle ground between the two arrows. This is where the interactivity of the poster comes in. If the viewer looks closer at the posters, they should be able to see two perforated lines running across the poster. When torn, a message beneath the maze appears reading “It’s easier than you think.” thus bridging the two sides of the poster and answering the question the poster poses.


Website & Social Media

When coming up with a website/social media design, I wanted to make sure to implement the maze aspect throughout the layouts, but my main focus was making an easy-to-use interface for both generations. For the older generation, I made the icons, and action buttons bigger as a visual aid.